Frequently Asked Questions at Tree Felling Johannesburg.

Do you offer tree maintenance services?

Yes we do, we have amazing tree maintenance staff that understands everything your tree needs.

Can you assist with tree removal?

Yes we can, no matter what tree you need to be removed we can get it done in no time at all.

Can you move and replant my trees?

We are specialists in all aspects of tree felling and tree moving, so don’t worry we can get your trees where you want them to be.

Do you do gardening?

We are specialists in all aspects of gardening, we do tree felling and gardening as well so if you need monthly gardening we can get it done.

Do you take a long time to fell a tree?

We do professional tree felling and even remove the stump making sure that the tree is fully removed. We try and get everything done as fast as possible but sometimes it does take a while. But rather we do it properly then just rush and make a mess.

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